For all the hooplah surrounding orthodoxy, conservatism, and rejection of a broader spectrum of influence within black metal, it is fairly clear that the last two or three decades have introduced a level of diversity in all but the most insular factions of the culture. Whether or not this is good thing is mostly a matter of perspective, and there are a plethora of "thinkpieces", knuckle-dragging message board threads and social media shitposting sprees on hand to keep the pig's blood coarsing through the veins of this tired debate well into August and beyond. While there is evidently more than enough interest in keeping the flame of single-minded grimness alive, and perhaps an equal measure in another camp clamouring to shatter preconceptions about what the genre should or shouldn't conform to stylistically, this dinnertime triple feature exists in an amorphous realm on the border between these worlds, anchored by a group of inspired practitioners that reinforce the possibilities on either side of the moat! Join us on the rampart, but don't assume that hoodprint or undercut will protect you from the scalding oil raining from the stage.

ASHBRINGER (Twin Cities MN, Avantgarde Music)
*triumphant return to Canada*

HEXENKLAD (Toronto ON, CDN Records)
*members of Eclipse Eternal/SIG:AR:TYR/Pagan Ritual, first Toronto show*

KLARG (Toronto ON, no label can hold them)
*members of Gates/Ayahuasca, rare appearance*

Venue • Sneeky Dee's
431 College St., Toronto

DOORS • 6:00PM / 19+ / $10 / OVER BY 10:00PM


This is a Briefcase Show.