FRIDAY / JULY 21 / 2017

If the seasonal sads aren't choking you out as we enter a three-or-more-day stretch of potential citywide flooding and springtime grimness, seemingly random bursts of allergy-related full body spasms are probably making you look goofy as fuck in public. Now that we've got the autobiographical portion of this message out of the way, we can focus on the greener (at at least more suffocatingly humid) pastures that lie in the months ahead, as another devastating interprovincial quintet of acts from across the spectrum of all things moody and emotionally draining prepare to carry the load that citywide eavestroughs, disaster relief personnel and potentially the army will attempt to shoulder over the next several hours. Who will be the LASTMAN standing? This terrible pun will self destruct before the next time you see the sun.

*heavy post-rock supporting life-affirming new EP*

C H R I S T (Montreal, L'Oei du Tigre)
*atmospheric drone-rock, ex-Ire/Cobra Noir*

HAMMERHANDS (Mississauga)
*swamp settlement backline blockade*

FOREIGNS (Toronto)
*skyline smashing math/doom metropolitans*

*radio rattling sludge seafarers, first show!* $10 *This show is in the front room of Nocturne, so take a left rather than a right upon reaching the second floor.*

Venue • Nocturne
550 Queen St. W., Toronto

DOORS • 8:00PM / $10.00 / 19+


This is a Briefcase Show.