SUNDAY / OCTOBER / 22 / 2017

"Every day I sit in my room and write another poem. I make up all the words myself, just like when I lived in the dark. I begin to remember things that way, as if I am back in the dark again. I am the only one who knows what the words mean. They cannot be translated. These poems will make me famous. Hit the nail on the head. Ya, ya, ya. Beautiful poems. So beautiful the whole world will weep. Later perhaps I will do something else. After I am done being a poet. Sooner or later I will run out of words, you see. Everyone has just so many words inside him. And then where will I be? I think I would like to be a fireman after that. And after that a doctor. It makes no difference. The last thing I will be is a high-wire walker. When I am very old and have at least learned to walk like other people. Then I will dance on the wire, and people will be amazed. Even little children. That is what I would like. To dance on the wire until I die."

COBALT (Denver CO, Profound Lore Records)
*black/doom/progressive, now with more ex-Lord Mantis/Avichi)

*black/speed/sleaze, debut LP on the way*

DROFNOSURA (Markham/Unionville ON)
*sludge/doom/post, last show of the year*

REPTOID (Toronto ON)
*death/death/death, rare appearance*

Will call available now: BRIEFCASESHOW@GMAIL.COM
Physical tickets: September 22nd at 3 PM at FAITH / VOID and SOUNDSCAPES

Venue • Coalition
282 Augusta Ave., Toronto

DOORS • 8:00PM / $12 advance / $15.00 @ door / 19+


This is a Briefcase Show.