SATURDAY / OCTOBER / 28 / 2017

"And it is this delinquency, formed in the foundations of the judicial apparatus, among the 'basses ouvres', the servile tasks, from which justice averts its gaze, out of the shame it feels in punishing those it condemns, it is this delinquency that now comes to haunt the untroubled courts and the majesty of the laws; it is this delinquency that must be known, assessed, measured, diagnosed, treated when sentences are passed. It is now this delinquency, this anomaly, this deviation, this potential danger, this illness, this form of existence, that must be taken into account when codes are rewritten. Delinquency is the vengeance of the prison on justice. It is a revenge formidable enough to leave the judge speechless. It is at this point that the criminologists raise their voices."

*martial punk/black returns to Toronto, members of Putamen Insula/Ossuaire*

MALPHAS (Toronto, Tour de Garde)
*raw black/oi, super rare local gig*

BAUDUS (Toronto)
*black metal, first show ever, members of Malphas/UL*

*electronic, first Toronto show, ex-Golden Path/Poison Wave*

Venue • Sneaky Dee's
431 College Street West, Toronto

DOORS • 8:00PM / $10 / 19+


This is a Briefcase Show.