Back in the grade school years, my uncle kindly bestowed upon me several crates of records, many of which permanently impacted my outlook on music and shaped the person I am today. Among this varied collection of classics spanning across several decades was the three-LP live opus Wings Over America, arguably the most listenable recording ever captured of Paul McCartney's post-Beatles output, the centrepiece of which was a stunning "Venus and Mars/Rock Show/Jet" medley that easily suppressed any misgivings I may have had about the exclusion of "Give Ireland Back to the Irish". What does all this have to do with Chilean black metal, or any of the other bands on this line-up for that matter? Well, with the legendary Wings of Metal entering its final year and three of the finest acts on the bill spending several days over America before landing once again in Quebec for Considered Dead Festival, they are making a grand total of ONE Ontario stop. Sure enough, it is the SAME EXACT CITY that Wings played on their blockbuster 1976 run. Coincidence? I think not!

SLAUGHTBBATH (San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile)
*prolific and nasty black/thrash*

COMMUNION (Santiago, Chile)
*less profilic but equally nasty black/thrash*

SLUTVOMIT (Seattle, US - Invictus Productions)
*considerably less prolific but none the less equally nasty black/thrash*

ADVERSARIAL (Toronto, CAN - Dark Descent Records)
*regional black/death elite, 'nuff said*

IDOLATRY (Edmonton, CAN - Humanity's Plague Productions)
*black metal prairie incursion, round two*

Venue • Coalition
282 Augusta Ave., Toronto

DOORS • 8:00PM / 19+ / $15 advance
Will call tickets: onsale July 1st at noon BRIEFCASESHOW

Physical tickets: onsale July 15th at Soundscapes


This is a Briefcase Show.