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“The results help us to pinpoint the ways people regulate their mood with the help of music, as well as how music rehabilitation and music therapy might tap into these processes of comfort. GOOD Music (a backronym of Getting Out Our Dreams) is an American record label founded by rapper Kanye West in In , Pusha T was appointed the president of the label by West. About us ; Music is Good "If one plays good music, people don't listen and if one plays bad music people don't talk" – Oscar Wilde. Dec. It’s been a quiet at Music is Good. Professional commitments have left some regulars with less time for blogging. But we’re still listening.

Music is good for us
Music is good for us

As a young man I enjoyed listening to a particular series of French instructional programs. Was it because the sounds of human speech are thrilling? But music does emanate from our alarm clocks in the morning, and fill our cars, and give us chills, and music is good for us us cry. According to a recent paper by Nidhya Logeswaran and Joydeep Music is good for us from the University of London, music even affects how we see visual images. In the experiment, 30 subjects were presented with a series of happy or sad musical excerpts. After listening to the snippets, the subjects were shown a photograph of a face.
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Music is good for us
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