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Tv sex programs
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Ahead of Channel 4's new show Sex Box, we take a look back at the sexiest shows on the box. Tonight sees the launch of Channel 4 's new science-based sex show, Sex Box. And yes, we did say science-based. The programme, hosted by Mariella Frostrup, will see a series of couples have sex in a soundproof booth and then discuss the experience in front of a studio audience. The station have said no intercourse or nudity will be seen in tv sex programs programme but the "immediacy" will encourage a tv sex programs open and honest discussion about their experiences. The word "immediacy" seems awfully downbeat on the poor gentlemen taking part though, if you ask us. As we prepare for what may be the most sexed-up Tv sex programs show ever, we take a look at the top five rudest programmes ever to hit the small screen.
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Tv sex programs
Tv sex programs
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