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In college my sorority used to play strip poker with a fraternity and we had special rules for this kind of situation." I looked at Keri. She was being mysterious. Cam had been waiting for this night for over a week now. It had taken him a little over a month of coaxing to convince Lanna and Kara to come over and play some strip poker. Lanna and Kara lived across the hall from Cam and his roommate Cory in the college dorm. Strip Poker Story Not rated yet (Photo from juicylucymamma) A few years back a girl and her best friend had come out to a house I was watching for some friends. It was a way It was a way Strip Poker with Neighbors Not rated yet (Photo from jericl cat) My girlfriend Anna and I both have always enjoyed playing cards, blackjack and poker.

College strip poker story
College strip poker story

This story took place back in the early 90's. I was in college at a small Midwestern university. My friends and I were always looking for a good time on the weekends or weekdays, for college strip poker story matter. There were three of us: Dan, Jim, and myself Rob who were always horny as hell and on the lookout for girls who were as interested in sex as we were.
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College strip poker story
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