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Dude that is so gay
Dude that is so gay

Saturday, May 9, Dude, I'm a Fag. Recently I was on a panel of gay, lesbian, and bisexual speakers for a class at a local alternative school. One of the other speakers, a gay man in his early 20s, told the class that his mother, a teacher, had asked him to tell them that just saying "that's so dude that is so gay was utterly devastating to any gay person, "like the N-word," he claimed, so they should never, never say "that's so gay. I never was the butt of the kind of harassment, taunting, and assault that many gay kids, then and now, suffer at the hands of their peers, their teachers, and their families. But I heard dude that is so gay things than "that's so gay" which no one said in those days anyway, so maybe that's why I wasn't devastatedand when I read that homosexuality was a revolting sickness, or at best a life of isolation without hope, there were no countering opinions dude that is so gay as there are now. That was partly because there was official censorship of pro-gay expression in those days -- the US Post Office blocked even the most timid materials from the mails for a long time. Milf burglar porn it came my turn to comment, I said that I answer to words like "faggot," because they refer to me, after all.
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Dude that is so gay
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